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Cool Zombie Products and Gadgets!

Are you prepared for the impending Zombie Apocalypse ? Get ready for a zombie attack with these cool zombie themed products. Perfect for Halloween, but a Zombie outbreak can happen at any time. Prepare yourself!!!

Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirt 0

Zombie Apocalypse Rescue Team T-Shirt

Cool looking, funny and gag T-Shirt! Get ready to be saved by this professional Rescue Team of zombie killers! Shirt is made from 100% cotton

October 16, 2012 Funny Clothing, Wearables
Zombie Cookie Jar 0

Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Zombie Head Cookie Jar Zombie: ” Braiiiiiiiiiiiins”. You : ” Coooookieees in a Zombie head cookie jar”‘. This is a sweet revenge to zombies! Ceramic

July 08, 2012 Gifts, Halloween gifts
Zombie Garden Gnome 0

Garden Zombie Lawn Gnome

What’s that crawling on your lawn? It’s a Zombie Gnome, reanimated by some strange virus or curse. Prepare your lawn for¬†Halloween with these awesome garden

July 08, 2012 Gifts, Halloween gifts
Garden Zombie 0

Garden Zombie Lawn Ornament

Lawn Zombie Decoration This Garden Zombie Lawn Ornament is a Life size resin garden sculpture of a Zombie rising from your garden, detailed and creepy.

July 08, 2012 Gifts, Halloween gifts
Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target 0

Life Sized Tactical Bleeding Zombie Target

Bleeding Zombie Targets Braaaaaaaains, Braaaaaaaaains! That is what you will last hear if you don’t prepare yourself for next Zombie attack! This is a life-sized

July 07, 2012 Halloween gifts
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