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Office Gifts and Office Gift Ideas

Looking for funny and unique office gifts and office gift ideas? We have cool office gifts for everyone. Find office gift ideas for every occasion and personality. Still need gift ideas for coworkers or gift ideas for business partners? Absolutely Needed has the right stuff!

color-changing-balls 0

Color Changing Night Lamp Balls for Kids

If your kids are still afraid of the dark, color changing night lamp balls are the perfect solution. Use these portable night light globes anywhere

Umbra Floating Bookshelf 0

Floating Book Shelves

Sometimes huge and cumbersome bookshelves don’t fit into your room, or are just “wrong” for your minimalist designed rooms. Have no fear, the floating book

September 05, 2012 Home & Office, Home Decoration
Portal 2 Bookends 0

Portal 2 Bookends

Looking for a perfect bookend for your home or office library? Or your laboratory? These Aperture Science Portal Bookends are the perfect thing. This Portal

September 05, 2012 Home & Office, Home Decoration
Bamboo Keyboard With Mouse 0

Bamboo Keyboard With Mouse

Bamboo Wireless Keyboard & Mouse For all of you nature lovers out there here is finally something that is giving us the option to connect

August 04, 2012 Office Gifts
T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall Sculpture 0

T-Rex Trophy Wall Sculpture

T-Rex Dinosaur Trophy Wall Sculpture What will you do if you see one of the history’s largest predators coming towards you in the beautiful dark

August 04, 2012 Office Gifts
retro-flip-down-clock 0

Retro Flip Down Clock

Retro Flip Down Clock Someone said long time ago that time is of the essence! There is no better and cooler way to see that

August 04, 2012 Office Gifts
t-rex-skull-staple-remover 0

T-Rex Skull Staple Remover

T-Rex Skull Staple Remover The best way to scare your customers and leave them in shock is with this T-Rex Skull staple remover! It remains

August 04, 2012 Office Gifts
Brushed Aluminum Letter Organizer 0

Brushed Aluminum Letter Organizer

Aluminum Letter Organizer Organize! Organize! Organize! Umbra Lettro Brushed-Aluminum Letter Organizer is the thing you need fro your letters! This cool letter organizer looks stylish,

July 29, 2012 Office Gifts
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