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Birthday gift ideas

Great Birthday Gift Ideas for everyone!

Searching for a perfect birthday gift? Here are some awesome ideas for birthday presents to suit all ages, for him or her. In the near future we will expand our site with the most unique handmade gifts you will ever see.

Tactical Grilling Apron 0

Tactical Grilling Apron

Serious apron for serious grilling. Wimps need not apply. On this tactical grilling apron you can attach everything a man needs for a day of

Portal 2 Bookends 0

Portal 2 Bookends

Looking for a perfect bookend for your home or office library? Or your laboratory? These Aperture Science Portal Bookends are the perfect thing. This Portal

September 05, 2012 Home & Office, Home Decoration
Army of Darkness Necronomicon Puppet Prop Replica 0

Army of Darkness Necronomicon Puppet Prop Replica

”Don’t touch that please, your primitive intellect wouldn’t understand alloys and compositions and things with… molecular structures.” Necronomicon replica based on the book used in

July 08, 2012 Gifts, Halloween gifts
Syringe Ballpoint Pen 0

Syringe Ballpoint Pens

Syringe Needle Pens These Syringe Ballpoint Pens are shaped like hypodermic needle and come with colored liquid inside. Not everyone wants or have desire to

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