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On August 4, 2012
Last modified:August 4, 2012


Watch time flip away with these cool retro flip down clock. This awesome clock will make your office much cooler, and the envy of your coworkers. Check it out now!

Retro Flip Down Clock

Someone said long time ago that time is of the essence! There is no better and cooler way to see that than with this oldschool Retro Flip Down Clock! It doesn’t have a container box, it flips down minute and hour display in an exposed form, and can run month after month with just a single D battery.
Even though almost every gadget you own comes with a clock, from a cellphone to a microwave, sometimes you just need to show the time in style. This Retro Flip Down Clock is the perfect thing for that. Boring LCD clocks are so 20th century, and for your office you really need something that has character.
Retro Flip Down Clock dimensions are 165 x 205 mm x 70. 1 x D battery not included!