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On September 7, 2012
Last modified:September 7, 2012


One Handed Party Plate is perfect for parties and buffet style events. When you want to take a drink, simply lift the plate off! Check it out now!

Are you still having problems with your hands being full in parties and BBQs? Here is the solution! This One Handed Party Plate will solve the problem of where to hold your drink and food.
The plastic party tray will fit right over your drink, and you can easily hold your food there, in one hand.
This one handed party tray is made from clear plastic, it is sturdy and reusable, as well as recyclable.
It fits most cans, bottles and cups, and it also features ridges and bumps on the underside so the cups fit easily, and the plate will always be balanced. You don’t want all those nachos all over you.
This is a great item to have for parties and buffet style events.