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On July 8, 2012
Last modified:August 4, 2012


This Garden Zombie Lawn Ornament is an awesome Halloween prop for your lawn. Check it out now!

Lawn Zombie Decoration

This Garden Zombie Lawn Ornament is a Life size resin garden sculpture of a Zombie rising from your garden, detailed and creepy. We all know what happen when some retrovirus escapes the lab don’t we? Oh you don’t know. We have Zombie infestatiooooooon! And this Zombie is one of them! From mid-torso he rises from your garden and scaring your neighbors and unwanted guests! This great Halloween gift comes in 3 pieces and assembles really fast!
This Lawn Zombie Decoration is perfect for Halloween decorating and it’s life sized for authenticity. If you place it under the right setting and light, the lawn zombie decoration will actually look like a hungry zombie rising from the ground and looking for brains.
Zombify your garden for Halloween, and scare the crap out of any neighbours who aren’t prepared for a zombie apocalypse.